3 BOOKS: To Help Unplug Your Mind From The Matrix.


Most of what we did yesterday, we’ll do today.
Because autopilot.

Here are 3 books that will help you snap out of your patterned existence and facilitate the exciting task of unplugging your mind.


No.3 – Coercion / by / Douglas Rushkoff
The tricks of the trade that keep us hypnotized. These are all explained in detail. You won’t be able to put this down.



No.2 – Teaching as a Subversive Activity / by / Neil Postman
This book flips everything on its head and makes you question your assumptions about school and how you learned what you know today. Deconstruct your past in order to better construct your future.



No.1 – 48 Laws of Power / by / Robert Greene
You have to lose your innocence if you want to grown and learn, so prepare to get schooled. Learn why you should conceal your intentions, say less than necessary, and win through your actions, never through argument. This book will challenge your very notions of right and wrong. Take it for what it is — a call to look at life differently.



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