How to “Gift” your Kindle Ebook on Amazon, and Why it’s a Good Idea.


Amazon (.com) has a cool featured called “Give as a Gift” that you can use to send someone a Kindle book via email. For authors, this is how to give away kindle ebook for book promotion purposes. If you can drive more sales to your Kindle edition by getting others to give it as a gift, the rank for your book’s sales page will improve and will ultimately lead to more visibility on Amazon, thus increasing your overall sales.

Gif -kindle-booksFor example, let’s say you agree to speak at a book event and then ask the event host if they would be willing to give attendees a copy of your book in Kindle format. They agree to give a copy to all 50 attendees. The host would then go to Amazon and use the Give as a Gift feature, which will allow them to email a redemption code to each attendee, one at a time. Their attendees get a bonus, while you gain new readers, increase your sales, and improve your overall ranking on Amazon! As for the only way at the moment is to send a voucher – CLICK HERE.

Yes, it’s really that simple.


6 thoughts on “How to “Gift” your Kindle Ebook on Amazon, and Why it’s a Good Idea.

  1. Reblogged this on Rosco's Reading Room and commented:
    Nice post here and a good idea for increasing visibility on Amazon…and although the author mentions gifting a large number of ebooks (50), giving your book’s rank a push can be done with even fewer than mentioned here. Even three to five gift ebooks will even keep your book’s rank stable or give it that little push it needs, if that’s all you can afford…


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